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There are a growing number of digital signage resellers and customers that are exploring how they can replace their current digital signage content management system (CMS). At Sysview  we offer those looking to make the switch to our platform, all of the support and advice required.

Here are the top 5 reasons that companies have switched their digital signage CMS to Sysview

1.    Cost

Based on Sysview, you can choice any Android based hardware, and Sysview help you save 70% cost on software.


2. Ease of use

  No need any third party software, just need a computer, internet connection then you can finish broadcast design and manage 10~1000 display terminals .


3. Support

When you purchase a Sysview licence, all software update and support are included for the lifetime of your licence.


4. Choice of digital signage hardware

Any Android based hardware


5. Host on local server and rebrand

·             Sysview solution can be host on local server for faster access and white brand/ rebrand. In this way, you can use Sysview solution even without internet connection.


Making the switch to Sysview

We appreciate that making the switch from an existing digital signage CMS to Sysview  may seem a daunting task. Sysview help make sure the transition is as painless as possible, supporting you every step of the way with a full range of services, including:

·         Evaluation of your existing digital signage player hardware to determine if it can be utilised to run Sysview .

·         Technical proof of concept to demonstrate that Sysview can work on your existing digital signage player hardware.

·         Remote support via services such as TeamViewer to assist in converting your digital signage player hardware to Sysview.

·         Recommendation of new digital signage player hardware that you might wish to purchase to replace or add to your existing devices.

·         Introduction to our partners, where required; to provide on-site installation and maintenance services to assist in moving over to Sysview.

·         Support, every step of the way. Our Customer Experience Team are online and a click away from assisting you with any questions or advice required to make the switch to Sysview an easy one.