sysview digital signage software
CMP2 Advanced digital signage player with HDMI input and RS232

CPU:Amlogic T962E



HDMIinput :1

HDMI output: 1

- create advertising overlays and live videoplayback on any screen -with HDMI input port, to add any video source, from acamera to  live-tv, and play this back inreal-time with ad based content

-Create “L-bar” style screens that show live video alongside your uniquebranding. Or, use our built-in logo overlay to add your branding to any videosource.

Equipped with Sysview digital signage software for:

Manage media centrally with ease

Divide screens to display multiple regions

Schedule layout

Publish content per preset the place and time

  Display reports on all screens ,including media devices and users

  Setup and control users, accounts andterminals easily

  Monitor status of each players

  Assign dynamic weather and clock widget to screen display